Treyburn Country Club’s new Wellness Center inspires healthy lifestyles

Know the feeling of being stuck in a workout routine? Or worse, not really having one? The new Wellness Center at Treyburn Country Club is helping members shake things up with modernized offerings and a burst of inspiration.

With the former gym space offering only 832 square feet, lacking natural light, and suffering from bad air flow, it was time for an upgrade. Considering Treyburn’s location 11 miles north of city center, McConnell Golf wanted to provide a well-rounded, modern, and welcoming facility that’s close to home.

On June 1, Treyburn opened the 1,748-square-foot facility to the membership with all-new strength and cardio equipment. The ceremonial day was full of activities, free classes, raffles, and a sampling of healthy snacks.

Repurposing a former dining room, the new space enjoys natural light from two walls of windows, while an exterior door will allow key-fob access outside of clubhouse hours after phase two of the project is completed in 2020. Balance is a key factor in designing a gym, and this one strategically offers equipment for the entry-level exerciser to the seasoned athlete.

This being McConnell Golf’s sixth expanded or new fitness center project in seven years, Treyburn benefits from the expertise that comes with designing offerings to fit each club’s unique needs. Members need both machines they are already comfortable using as well as new options to mix things up. For the project, McConnell Golf partnered with Dave Marsic, owner of Prosource Fitness Equipment.

“The new fitness center has its roots in the tried and true machines that build the base of any competent fitness facility,” Marsic said. “We wanted to include equipment that is popular for members with varying degrees of exercise experience.”

Joining the ranks at Treyburn, a full-time wellness and activities director as well as contract personal trainers will be available to help members get the most from their new gym. Additionally, a variety of group fitness classes will be offered during peak hours and will include everything from Pilates and yoga to strength and conditioning classes.

McConnell Golf Chief Operating Officer Christian Anastasiadis summarized the effort nicely: “The quality of life that active lifestyles ensure is long-lasting and centers on wellness as a whole. In its mission to build ‘clubs of the future’ McConnell Golf is committed to providing members access to modern fitness and wellness offerings through golf, tennis, nutrition, and fitness.